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Nipsession Nutrition is a Pune(India) based sports nutrition company founded in February,2018 which manufactures adequate dosed result oriented sports nutrition supplements that takes your body/performance to the next level.

Our supplements are at par with the standards of US supplements.Almost all Indian supplement brands do not deliver results due to use of inferior quality ingredients,underdose of ingredients or use of fillers in supplements.We use high quality ingredients sourced from Denmark & different parts of India.Our aim is to make result oriented supplements available to people at a cheaper rate.

All our products are free from banned substances.Our products are manufactured in FSSAI approved manufacturing facility.Moreover,our products are tested in government approved labs & our packaging material is also lab tested to ensure foolproof protection for our products,you may check the documents section on this site to view lab reports.Even tough we put stickers on some of our product pouches the pouches are very safe.

We focus on result & effectiveness of the product rather than packaging & other fancy things. 




I)Whey protein Concentrates:

With raw whey sourced from Denmark we formulate it as required for sports nutrition in our FSSAI approved plant in Pune.High amount of naturally occucring  glutamine(5.5+g) & BCAA(7+g) concentration  makes our whey effective in delivering results.Almost all companies selling whey protein concentrate have around 24g protein per serving,but underdose of amino acids  makes their whey protein least effective.We have the following variants in Whey Protein Concentrate-

i}Unflavoured whey:  


Our unflavoured whey is  pure whey protein without any fillers & artificial flavours & sweetners like sucralose,acesulfame K,etc.Anyone above the age of 8 years can consume it.You can add flavour/fruit crush of your choice to flavour it or you can mix with our chocolate flavour colostrum.There are 2 packing sizes in unflavoured whey 1 kg & 2 kg respectively.

ii}Rich chocolate flavour whey:


Flavoured with 100% natural cocoa  & sucralose contains least amount of sugar & is healthy for people above the age of 18 years.Available in 1kg and 2 kg packing.


Nipsession Nutrition colostrum is made from the milk which is initially delivered by Indian cow breeds Gir & Kankrej within first 48 hours after delivering the calf.The whole colostrum is freeze dried rather than heating in order to powder it so that the nutritional value remains optimum.

Besides first class proteins Nipsession Nutrition colostrum has Immunoglobulin G(IgG) which improves immunity,protein synthesis,metabolism,etc.It also increases your IGF-1 & GH levels.We have the following variants in colostrum-

i}Unflavoured colostrum:


This is pure colostrum without any filler ingredients and sweetner in it.One can have it with whey for best results.For better taste you can mix it with flavoured whey or add your favourite fruit crush/flavour to it.People with lactose intolerence can also consume it with water as it does not have lactose at all.Infants can also consume it after consulting a physician.Unflavoured colostrum is availble only in 1kg packing.

ii}Rich chocolate flavour colostrum:


For better taste we have this variant,one can mix 1 scoop of flavoured colostrum with unflavoured whey & consume it for better results.Chocolate flavour colostrum is availble in 2 sizes 1.5kg & 3 kg. 

We also sell unflavoured colostrum to pharmaceutical companies abroad & in India to make capsules or resale it

30 kg drum of unflavoured colostrum